Central Records and Communications

How do I find out if someone is in jail or what their charges may be?

           Please call 1-877-894-8463.  This toll free number will provide all the information needed on incarcerated persons.


Who do I call to find out if an Accident Report is available?

Please call 903-798-3181. Please have the report number, date of accident, location or drivers information ready.  Accident Reports for Texarkana, Arkansas are also available online.

Who do I call to find out information regarding Traffic Tickets?
For Texarkana, Texas, please call 903-798-3013. For Texarkana, Arkansas please call 903-798-3015.

Who do I call to find out information regarding an Impounded Vehicle?
Please call 903-798-3181.
Where can I obtain a local criminal history record?
The Records Section can provide a local Criminal History. You will need identification, such as a Drivers License and a Social Security Card. The fee is $10.00.

How can I obtain a copy of my Criminal Record?
Texas Residents: Contact Texas Department of Public Safety P.O. Box 4142, Austin, Texas 78765.The telephone number is 512-424-7252. You can also contact the Bowie County Clerk's Office for Misdemeanor and Felony record checks. Call 903-682-6764. Arkansas Residents: Contact the Arkansas State Police at 870-777-4641.

Where do I take Defensive Driving?

        In Texarkana, Arkansas, contact the District Court at 903-798-3015.

        In Texarkana, Texas, contact Municipal Court at 903-798-3010. 

        If you appeared before a Texas Justice of the Peace, you should contact that court directly.